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Stage An Open House In Style!


One of the biggest challenges a homeowner will face is putting up the house for sale. As realtor Rob Golfi often states, a successful sale greatly depends on the way you market the house. And, one of the best methods to get your house noticed by the right people, is to hold an Open House!

According to the website, an open house is a process where prospective buyers get to see the house, in a more hospitable state. In many places, this is also called staging a home. Here, the house is all decked up, in a way that the buyers themselves would like the house to look. This gives the buyers a more tangible idea as to how the house would look when they themselves start to live in it. In simpler terms, it is sort of like a trial and then buy sort of deal!

A home staging may sound deceptively simple, but, be warned! It requires a great deal of planning and preparation to conduct a successful open house, that attracts a lot of potential buyers, which in turn brings in better bids on the house.

Ideally, an open house is best left to the experts. In this case, it would be the real estate agents, who have been hired to procure the best offers. However, there are many people who conduct open houses themselves. If you too would like to hold an open house, there are a few points that eminent realtors with experience have laid great emphasis on. It would be a very prudent idea to follow these advices, as it could result in a very good offer on the house!

Advice Number 1: Get rid of all the clutter that has accumulated, both inside and outside the house. As a seller, you have already made up your mind to move out. So, it is best you start clearing up all the stuff in the house. Begin this process by getting rid of all the knick knacks that you don’t plan on taking with you. Arrange a garage sale or simply throw these out.

Advice Number 2: Sweep, scrub and wash! Clean up every nook and cranny of the house, this it sparkles! A dusty home makes a bad impression on buyers. Also, if the house has a backyard, make sure to get that cleaned up too.

Advice Number 3: If the furniture in your house is looking a bit worn out, it might be a good idea to rent a few pieces. This is a technique being implemented by smart sellers. Get furniture that matches the overall decor of the house. This will make a very strong impression on the potential buyers.

Advice Number 4: An Open House can be successful only if people actually visit the house. So, make sure to advertise. Use social media, like Facebook and Instagram, tell your friends and get the house listed on all the important sites like Craigslist.

A successful Open House will surely get the house noticed by the right buyers!

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